Farewell Chocolate: Snacks To Give The Kids Instead


It’s so easy to resort to the sweet cupboard when the kids are peckish. After all, you can just get a bar of chocolate, and they will be happy consuming the sweet treat. However, while the occasional chocolate is okay for your little ones, their health could be jeopardized if it’s a daily treat. And there are a lot of other choices which will be a lot more nutritious for your children instead. In fact, here are some snacks to give to the kids instead of opting for chocolate!


Opt for a delicious yogurt


Yogurt is so good for your children. For one thing, it can keep their digestive system in good form, so they are less likely to have bad bellies. And it is actually quite filling without providing a ton of calories. Therefore, if your kids are peckish, it would be a good idea to consider giving them a yogurt instead. You can get so many fun ones which have their favorite characters on the packaging. In fact, this can give them a boost to consume the yogurt. And you could always add things to the yogurt to make it more flavorsome. For example, a spoonful of jam or honey can make the yogurt a lot more delicious for your little ones. And fruit or even some chocolate sprinkles will ensure they tuck into their yogurt!



Go for fruit or nuts


It’s a struggle to get our kids to consume enough fruit every day. In fact, it’s hard to fit them into their meals. And they might leave them untouched when you add them to the lunchbox. However, one way you can ensure they do have enough is by giving it to them via snacks. After all, if your children are peckish, they are more likely to dig in and consume fruit. And you can chop the fruit and serve it with yogurt to make it tastier. And you can always go down the dried fruit route instead. After all, dried fruits and nuts can actually be more appealing to your kids. And it can fill them up, so they won’t have to head to the sweet cupboard.


Make a healthy brownie


Although a chocolate brownie might not be the most nutritious thing in the world, there are some ways you can make it healthier. For one thing, you should bake it yourself so that you can alter the ingredients. For example, you can make a fruit brownie instead which is full of cherries. That way, it will be a lot healthier for your kid. Or you could even choose to make a dark chocolate one which is a lot more nutritious for your child. Otherwise, you could always go for a sweet potato one which would be very healthy for your kids. Here is an easy recipe you can use to make a sweet potato brownie for your little ones.


And remember you could always make your own veg crisps if you child is peckish. They are a lot healthier than potato chips and will definitely fill your kids up.


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