Get It Together! How To Perfect Your Hot Mom Look


When you become a mother, it’s easy to lose parts of who you were before you had kids. You no longer have time to read, to watch the news, to spend hours wandering through art galleries, to keep up on the latest trends, to go out whenever you want to meet your friends for coffee or a few cocktails. Being a parent means that your life is all about this little person who somehow, wonderfully, belongs to you – but it does mean that you have to compromise a lot of things about who you were before children to be the parent that you want to be. If you sometimes look in the mirror and despair, never fear – here are some tips that’ll help you feel great about the way you look…


Take Care Of Your Skin



First of all, the best way to look good as often as you can is to have clear, glowing skin. If you have small children then chances are, you aren’t getting nearly as much sleep as you would like to, so you may have puffy eyes and dull skin at times. Get exfoliating to remove any dead skin cells and to make your face glow more, and remember that the old cucumber slices over the eyes trick really does work to calm down any red, uncomfortable skin there. Make sure you wear sunscreen every day to stop your skin from prematurely ageing.


Start A No-Fuss Beauty Regime



You may not have time for a full face of makeup every day – although check out sites like beautyambition for tips to help you out on any special occasions – but there are things you can do every day to make sure that you glow. Moisturise before you put on your makeup, and smooth on some primer to ensure that your makeup stays on your face. Go for BB cream instead of foundation as it doesn’t take as long to blend in, fill in your eyebrows, and add some waterproof mascara, and just like that you’re set for the day.


Create A Capsule Wardrobe



It’s hard to know what to wear when you have small kids, but most of all it’s frustrating to stand in front of your closet every morning with absolutely no idea about what to pull on. Create a small capsule wardrobe of chic items that go together – three pairs of jeans (blue, grey and black) that fit you well, a selection of fitted shirts in black, white, grey and Breton stripes, and cardigans and jackets that will go over the top – try a denim jacket this summer. If you’re not sure what to do for shoes, black ankle boots or low top Converse will look great with absolutely any outfit.


Add Accessories

Finally, if you want to brighten up what you’re wearing, it’s time to accessorise. Add a pretty scarf or some brightly coloured shoes that you love, along with a couple of silver bangles – remember that if you have a baby, a necklace might not be a good idea if he or she keeps pullin

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