Hack Your Way to Easier Eats


If you’re the kind of momma who prefers eating out or ordering into cooking because it just takes so long and you’re not exactly a pro in the kitchen, now might be the time to reconsider your position. Did you know you can cook all of your favorite restaurant meals and store bought foods at home quickly and more cheaply? You can, and they’ll be tastier too. All it takes is a bit of effort and a few simple hacks.


Check out the many ways you can hack your way to easier eats:


Fuss Free Pancakes


Do you only ever eat pancakes at the local diner because you just can’t stand the mess? Try this: mix all of your pancake ingredients in a plastic bag before snipping off one of the corners. That way, you can mix and pour your pancakes without using any of your kitchen tools at all. Breakfast just got a whole lot better!


Bring it to the Boil


There’s nothing worse than waiting for your pan of water to come to temp so that you can cook dinner quickly! It’s just so frustrating that you want to throw in the towel and grab dinner at the local Italian place instead. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. If yu want your water to boil quickly, fill your pan only with the amount of water you’ll need for your recipe, and put the lid on. The collected steam will help things along nicely, and you’ll be cooking your pasta in no time at all.


Infuse Your Oils



Have you tried to recreate that herby chicken or pasta dish at home to no avail? Instead of relying on fresh or dry herbs alone, infuse your favorite herbs in olive oil for flavor that really packs a punch and takes your culinary creations to the next level.


Better Bacon


Struggle to get your bacon as crispy as the local diner? Don’t despair, just use one of your most loved kitchen tools – the waffle iron – for a whole new purpose. It might sound strange, but cooking your bacon in the waffle iron for 2.5 minutes on either side will ensure that that it’s brown and crispy all over.


Ripen Those Avocados

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When you have a hankering for avocado toast, it’s usually easier to pop to your favorite local eatery than it is to try making it yourself. Why? Because avocados just never seem to be ripe. Not if you store them in a paper bag with a banana. This will make the problematic fruit ripen up much more quickly, just keep an eye on it if you don’t want to come home to a brown soggy mess.


A Greater Way to Grill Fish


Fish is great for us, but so many mommas have given up trying to grill fish at home, only eating it at restaurants, because they are sick of having to scrape it from the grill or pan. One way you can beat the odds and always cook perfectly grilled fish at home is by cutting up slices of lemon upon which to cook your fish. Lemon is the perfect accompaniment to fish, and the juices will stop it from sticking, leaving you with a delicious meal every time.


What are your best kitchen hacks for easier eats?


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