The 3 Most Difficult Things To Get Your Kids To Do (And How To Do Them)


It’s battle after battle (after battle), getting children to do things can be a tiresome subject, and it can bring about horrible flashbacks for some parents. Healthy children are happy children, and with the amount of obesity and sedentary lifestyles that our children are leading now, we have to find ways to get some healthy habits ingrained in them. If that means we have to be a bit sneaky with our efforts, then so be it! So here we are, three things that we need our kids to do to be healthy (and how to do them).

Drink More Water

There are some simple hacks to make life easier for parents, but drinking water doesn’t come easy. It has no taste, and it is not as appealing as juice or soda. The solution? Fizzy water or club soda is a way to contribute towards your child’s fluid intake, and by adding a small amount of juice, it disguises the taste. The game is all about upping the intake of fluid, and even in a glass of water, disguising it with a squeeze of lemon (or 50) you are also increasing the amount of vitamin C in that water as well as alkalizing it, which has numerous health benefits. The other approach is to give them a canister that they can carry around with them, and just encourage them to have a sip once in a while. A little water is better than none at all. And picking the best water bottle for kids that can’t get damaged is a sure-fire way to make sure they hang on to it.

Eat More Vegetables

Nobody likes vegetables when they have been boiled down to within an inch of their life. They are soggy, have no taste, and all the nutrients have been cooked out of them! Nobody wins! The trick is to make those vegetables taste amazing. How? By seasoning them correctly. A honey-glazed parsnip, a carrot with mint sauce, or an eggplant that is seasoned with cheese becomes much more appealing than a plain, limp vegetable. Look to Italian meals for inspiration, a delicious ragu is made with finely sliced carrot and celery, and even eastern meals have loads of salad in combination with kebab meat.

Get Some Exercise

The deviousness in getting your children to work out is to make them not realize they’ve done any in the first place. Don’t think of exercise as a set amount of push-ups, exercise is purely the act of getting the heart pumping. Whatever your kids like to do, whether they like to play outside or they enjoy computer games, you can get them to exercise. Computer games are much more reliant on physical activity, so you can purchase games of that ilk. Or you can take them out for a game of laser tag or paintball. They are so fun that they won’t even notice they’ve worked up a sweat, and the more fun you make the “exercise,” the more they will demand it.


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