Easy Steps to Help You Pick the Perfect Gift for Someone Special


Whether it’s an upcoming birthday or a special occasion for someone important in your life, giving them a gift is perhaps the most common way to show your appreciation. Sadly, picking a gift is often incredibly difficult due to the amount of choice you have and the different circumstances that you might be in. For instance, picking a gift for a pregnant friend is a lot different to picking a birthday present for your mother.

However, there are some global rules that you can apply to gift picking that will help you make the entire process smooth, easy, and quick so that you don’t end up giving something generic such as a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates. Choosing your gifts can be surprisingly easy, and here are just a couple of ways that you can do it.



Step 1: What’s the occasion?

Your first step is to understand the occasion. Depending on the situation, the choice of gifts you have can vary substantially. It wouldn’t make sense to give your recipient a toy if they’re an old man, and it seems silly to give a cooking appliance to a teenager.

Break down the occasion by splitting it into several small steps. For starters, what is the party or meeting that you’re attending? Is it a romantic evening with your significant other, or is it a party for your niece? Are you visiting your pregnant friend, or is the party for a relative that just turned 60? If it helps, write down the occasion and then start brainstorming ideas based on the occasion itself. Here are a couple of quick ideas for people who are short on time and can’t read the full article.

Parent’s birthday: for someone close to you, pick a personalised item that matches the bond you have. If it’s your parents, then pick something that means a lot to them, such as some matching jewellery, a bouquet of flowers with a special message, or perhaps a new piece of technology such as a smartphone with photos of you and your family on it.

Sibling’s birthday: you most likely grew up together, so why not get something that reminds you of your past? For instance, if you broke your sibling’s toys once, get them a new and upgraded version or something similar to remind them that you’re sorry. If they’re a lot younger than you, then consider getting them some toys, tickets to a film with their friends, or that movie or video game that they’ve been wanting to borrow from you for the past week.

Wedding gifts: you’ll have to focus on the bond that the bride and groom have and gifts that could help progress their future. For instance, some luxurious matching picture frames to house their wedding photographs or household objects such as comfortable high-quality bedding for their home.

Close friends: much like with family, you want to get a present that reminds you of your bond together. Get your friend an item they’ve wanted for a long time, such as a silly toy they wanted in the past or some accessories for their car that you’ve been nagging them to get.


Step 2: Establish a budget

You (probably) don’t have unlimited funds, so ensure that you establish a budget and stick with it. It’s important to keep in mind that gifts don’t have to be costly in order to be meaningful. A handmade gift created from scrapbook pieces, photographs and old ornaments will mean a lot more than a box of chocolates to someone who is close to you.

If you’re worried that your gift is too cheap or too expensive to give to someone, then consider getting them a gift card to one of their favourite stores instead. This will perfectly fit your budget and it takes a lot of the thought out of choosing the perfect gift. You could visit Cards2Cash today for ideas on gift cards that you can gift to your recipient. All you need is a bit of information about the person you’re gifting it to and that will help you pick a gift card for a store they’ll likely visit. Keep in mind you can also give gift cards through services like Amazon, PayPal and even Google or Apple Stores, which will give your recipient a broad range of items to choose from.

Step 3: The delivery

Next, you want to package up your gift and choose a way to deliver it. For starters, if you’re planning on attending the occasion and will be able to deliver your gift, then simply hand it to your recipient in a stylish box or wrapping. Some people don’t enjoy receiving the gift in its original bag because it might be seen as showing off or giving away the present before they open it. You want to give your recipient the joy of opening up a present and being surprised, so learn how to wrap your gifts properly. Attach a small card with a message to your show appreciate to them, and add a bow or two to complete the package.

If you won’t be able to meet your recipient, then the next best option is to simply send it. If possible, try to wrap your present and then store that box into another one and keep it lined with bubble wrap or air bags that are capable of keeping your present safe. Mail handlers are often quite rough when handling boxes and the last thing you want is for your present to come in pieces. If it’s a fragile item or something extremely important, then insure the package to guarantee that it will arrive or at least get your money back if it fails.

Lastly, if your present is something simple like a gift card (simple doesn’t mean bad!) then you could always put your effort into a handmade card instead, then slip the gift card or even just money into the envelope. This can then be sent via post or handed directly to your recipient.

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