Design And Maintain The Perfect Kids Bedroom


If you’re a creative mommy, you may already have plenty of ideas for creating your toddler’s first big kid bedroom. You want everything to be just perfect. The room has to be welcoming and yet feel safe and secure. It needs to be fun and engaging, yet promote healthy sleep patterns. This bedroom needs to be comfortable and playful at the same time. So where on earth do you start?


You might begin with your child’s own personality and tastes. Which kids’ shows or characters does your little one love the most? You can design the room around the colors of that character, or use images of them. Most TV characters feature on lots of merchandise like lamp shades, drapes and bedding covers. Don’t forget, your child will find new favorites every few months so try not to spend too much on this one.

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Once your little one is out of their cot, they will be free to wander, climb, and get up to lots of mischiefs. This means safety is paramount. Start with a soft ply carpet. You may worry about keeping it clean and hygienic in a child’s room, but there are plenty of carpet cleaners out there that can help with that. Did you know that children often choose to sit on a rug, especially if it is brightly colored? Place one in an area of the room that you won’t need to cross to get to the window or your child in the night. Chances are, the toys will be contained on the rug!


A night light can be very comforting for a little one. It’s important not to improvise here. Choose one that is built for small children. When you’re not watching, kids can grab things and hide them under the covers. A built-for-kids night light will be safe enough for play, and shouldn’t become a hazard. Always check the instructions and labels!


Sticky fingers tend to make a terrible mess on bedroom walls. Choose a paint that is designed to be wiped clean. Some kids’ wallpapers are good for this too. If you’re struggling to find the right wall art or decal, why not make one of your own? You could put family pictures together in a mural style so your child can always see your faces. If you regularly change them, you can talk about the places you went to and the things you did in the pictures. This can help aid memory too.

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Toys in the bedroom are a good idea, but you may want to choose which ones are available carefully. After all, no parent likes to be woken at 5 am by their child banging on their toy drum! Soft building blocks, stuffed animals, and a few play characters might be enough to keep them entertained. Right now, you probably prefer to engage them in play and supervise their activities fully. Soon they will be directing their own play, and enjoying time spent exploring ideas on their own.


Creating the perfect bedroom is fun to do. You can choose from hundreds of fun bed ideas and decoration details. Then, of course, you have to keep the room clean and tidy! That’s not quite so easy at times.  


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