Save Money By Making Your Home Energy Efficient


We have all experienced that feeling of dread when the postman strolls down the drive with those awful brown envelopes. No matter how much you try and block your mailbox, he is still going to deliver those bills to you. Be it gas, electric, water or the internet, the financial cost of our daily living is huge.

There are ways you can cut down on your energy bills. One of your options could be to leave your house forever and camp out in the wilderness a thousand miles away from any electrical outlet. Sadly, we are not all cut out for this back to basics lifestyle so instead, here are more sensible ways to save money.

Replace old items

If your home is populated with rusty old appliances, they will be eating up your electricity. No matter your nostalgic feelings towards your washing machine and refrigerator, it is time to say goodbye and purchase something new. Admittedly, this will not save you money in the short term as new appliances are not cheap, but they are more energy efficient and will eventually prove cost effective. Newer models have the words ‘Energy Star Certified’ so there will be no confusion when shopping.

Another item to consider replacing is your water tank. Traditional water heaters leave water sitting idly in the tank, and there is the need to reheat it constantly. Instead, choose a

tankless water heater which uses an electric or gas heat source to warm up your water when you need it. It costs less to install and uses far less energy.

Insulate your home

You may not feel the cool drafts in the summer, but in the winter you may feel the ice age has finally entered your home. It is important to conserve the heat in your home so add insulating strips to your doors and windows. We lose a lot of heat through the roof so you may consider insulating your loft, as well. You will save around 40% on your energy bills, easing your wallet while giving you added comfort in those chilly months.

Be responsible

We waste a lot of energy on a daily basis, so do your bit for the environment and be responsible for your day to day habits.

A dishwasher is built for convenience, but constant use is going to add to your expenses. You can quickly clean a few plates in the sink rather than use your dishwasher on a regular basis. If you can’t stand your hands getting wet, do a bulk wash when the machine is full, rather than using it several times in the day. The same applies to your washing machine with your dirty laundry.

Finally, your house doesn’t need to be illuminated 24/7, so when you leave a room, turn the lights off. In the same way, if you are not using a particular appliance, such as the tv, turn them off at the wall, especially during the night when you’re saving your own energy and getting a beauty sleep.

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