Limited Budget? Here Are the Most Cost-Effective Ways of Staying Cool This Summer


Let’s face it, no one has a large amount of money to spend on a season just to stay cool. It’s hard enough budgeting for things like insurance, our children’s college tuition and even the groceries. We have a limited amount of money left after putting it into our savings and necessary expenses and we can’t spend it on expensive air conditioning or use it all up on energy to power a fan. However, if you’ve got a bit of cash laying around and you want the most cost-effective method of staying cool, then here are a couple of suggestions.



Chill water before you drink it


You’re going to keep your fridge on regardless, so why not save a few bottles after you’re finished with them (make sure you clean them!), fill them with tap water (assuming it’s potable) and then chill them in the fridge. You can even set up a rotation of about 3 bottles. Take one out, drink it, then once you’re done, refill it and put it back into the fridge and take another out. Keeping your body temperature at a stable level is the most important thing to consider when you want to stay cool, so drink plenty of chilled water and make use of that fridge!


Repair your air conditioner


Listen, running your air conditioner is expensive, but it’s probably the most effective way of cooling down your entire home and as long as you’re frugal with it (only turn it on when it’s REALLY unbearable) then it’s actually a cost-effective way of keeping cool. Consider an air conditioning repair service or even just a brief maintenance check-up to ensure it’s working as optimally as possible. This service might be included with your air conditioner if it has insurance, but if it doesn’t, then you may need to pay up a considerable amount of money. Either way, it’s worth it and you should always consider using the air conditioner as a last resort.


Stay indoors


Staying at home might sound boring, but there are plenty of things to do indoor if you want to have fun. The outdoors are exposed to sunlight more than the indoors, and if you’re moving around, walking, running or doing anything remotely active, then you’re going to suffer from the heat and sweat even more. Stay cool by simply not doing anything. It’s probably one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your body temperature stable (outside of chilling and drinking water) and you get the added benefit of the shade your home provides.


Strip down

This sounds obvious, but wearing fewer clothes is a great way to keep your temperature low. This doesn’t mean you should walk around naked, however. It also means that you should be swapping to thinner blankets at home, or sleeping with any covers on at all. It also means you should be wearing more breathable materials instead of cotton which can hold in sweat and make you feel really nasty and icky. Keep cool, wear less, and take a look at the materials you wear.

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