4 Hot Tips To Stay Cool On Summer Nights



Summer is awesome, but it does have its drawbacks. The main one is the heat. As the temperature rises, it gets harder and harder to stay cool. And, that’s just during the day when you have more tools at your disposal. At night, the need to cool down can be even more intense, yet it is harder so you end up not sleeping a pool of sweat. Aargh! Don’t worry, though, because it isn’t all bad news. In actual fact, there are ways to stop the summer nights from being such a massive pain in the backside. The even better news is that you can find a selection of them underneath.


#1: Turn On The Air Con


The obvious answer is to flick the switch and let the air conditioner bathe you in cool air. Air con units are great because they are effective and lower the temperature by a big margin. Now, there are people that either don’t have an HVAC unit or have one but it doesn’t work. For those of you that don’t have one, you can carry on reading and check out the alternative tips. Those of you with a defective unit need to contact an HVAC service repair company as soon as possible. You bought the air con unit for this purpose, so there is no reason to leave it alone for the summer.


#2: Don’t Eat Before Bed


Not only is it a good way to put on weight, but it also speeds up your metabolism. When the body digests food, it has to work very hard to do it as efficiently as possible. As a result, your body temperature will increase if you have a sizeable meal before bed. If the room is already hot, it will only get hotter as your body tries to regulate itself. The best option is to eat early on in the evening and leave any substantial snacks until breakfast.


#3: Feel The Chill


Everything your body touches passes on heat. Take your mattress as an example. The materials on beds are usually thick, which means they are warm. As soon as you lie down, the heat transfer begins and you start to feel hotter. What you need to do is prevent this from happening by making the bed cooler. There are plenty of ways to do it, like switching to cotton sheets, but chilling the mattress is most effective. By placing a cold water bottle on the bed beforehand, your body should absorb the cold, not the heat.


#4: Moisturize


Creams with natural ingredients help soothe the skin and make it cooler. Consider after sun for a moment. It is a cream that helps ease the pain of sunburn. So, it is bound to make a difference if it can tackle something as extreme. If you apply it every night before bed, the natural substances should make the night comfortable. And, if you have a burn, it will kill two birds with one stone!


Hopefully, these tips will help the next time your room feels like a furn

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