Get Into The Habit Of Saving Money This Summer


We’re entering summer now and that means we are entering (probably!) the most expensive time of the year. It’s true. Summer just has all these spontaneous and hidden expenses, most of which we give zero thought to. Zilch. Kids aren’t in school, activities need to be enjoyed, our home needs to be comfortable, the washing machine is on more than ever and just about everything else you can think of that comes with dollar signs attached.


Luckily for you, it is also the best time to practise getting into the habit of cutting costs and being thrifty. That’s why we have come up with a list of great money saving ideas for you to try this summer. We’d usually say, “we hope these work,” but there is no point, we already know they do.

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More Free Fun

We know, we know. When you are a kid, absolutely nothing beats an amusement park. However, constantly paying for admission tickets can see you become bankrupt quicker than MC Hammer. Instead, use your local community park. All it takes is a few props, a fancy dress box and some imagination and this will be as fun as anywhere else on earth.

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Cool Not Frozen

In the same way turning your heating down one degree in winter can save you $80, the same goes for your air con in the summer. You can be cool without waking up to see a cloud of frozen breath on your pillow. For the best results, get a programmable thermostat and change the filter.

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Leaking Money

What is the point in spending all that money on your air conditioning if the cool air is just going to leak into the great outdoors because you have a leaky home? There is no point. So start filling those gaps in your doors and windows by weatherstripping.

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Constantly Washing

Kids plus summer equals washing, lots and lots of washing. As such, investing in a washer and dryer set that is known to be economical is going to be one of the best things you have ever spent money on. We would still recommend you sun-dry your clothes if you can, but purchasing an energy efficient washer and dryer will make winter cheaper too.

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Local Camping

Nothing beats a week’s vacation somewhere, or a weekend city break to that place you’ve always wanted to go. However, the costs quickly add up. So why not become a family that goes camping. It is such a great way to keep costs down, explore your local area, have an immeasurable amount of fun and, what’s more, the more you do it the better at you’ll become. Trust us, your best family memories get made in tents.

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Cook At Home

Eating out is a luxury that many can’t imagine living without, and we’re telling you to even consider this. All we are suggesting is you limit the amount you do, or cut it in half. Not only will eating at home save you a serious amount of dollar, it will probably be better for you. To shake it up a little, have a themed night once a week – Italian, British, Mexican – and start enjoying backyard BBQ’s and little picnics too.

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