A Life Of Crime: A Woman’s Career On The Right Side Of The Law


If you’re thinking about a career change or a new job; there are many areas to consider regarding life within a law-based setting. The scope is now huge for women, and there is a job to suit every level of skills and education. A job within law enforcement and its surrounding processes can be extremely rewarding; however, there will be plenty of challenges, so it’s not for the faint-hearted. You’ll need to be dedicated to your role, be prepared to work and train during unsociable hours and have a clear idea of your career development and progression.

Perhaps you’ve grown up watching crime movies, and can’t get a particular area of the field out of your head, or you aim to help people and maintain safety on the streets. Whatever it is that’s drawing you towards one of the many areas of work in law, safety, and investigation; take your opportunity to get your career going. There’s no time like the present to study, train, and apply for new jobs; the following are some areas to consider, and tips for those who are ready to take on the challenge.

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The Police Force

If you have stamina, great physical and mental health, and the strength to deal with an array of challenging situations; the police force could be for you. You should head towards a career as a police officer with the attitude of helping people, keeping the public safe, and ensuring that crime is kept to a minimum. You’ll need the character to calmly deal with difficult members of the public, and ensure that situations are solved efficiently and as easily as possible. If you feel that you have the personality qualities to join the force; you must also have your driver’s license, be over 18 years of age, and be a resident of the USA.

Once you’re part of the police, there are plenty of opportunities to grow in your career, and people move up the ranks with plenty of hard work and dedication. Check out some reasons to become a police officer here and see if tackling crime every day is the right job for you.


If you’ve come from a science background; you’ll need to have studied for a master of science in psychology and specialized in forensic psychology. Forensics is another area of the legal process that is not for those with a sensitive or nervous disposition. There will be plenty of difficult scenarios to deal with and you’ll be exposed to things that most of the public will never have to see.

However, you’ll play a crucial role in solving crimes and bringing the right people to justice. Heading into the forensic investigation side of things is a great opportunity for those with the skills, qualifications, and scientific knowledge need for the job. The role will also allow you to be part of the crime-fighting process, without having to train in the traditional sense of a police officer; perfect for the curious and intelligent mind, that needs to investigate and solve situations.

The Military

Again, you don’t necessarily think of the armed forces when fighting crime is mentioned; however, they play a vital role across the country, and overseas, in keeping the peace and helping people. There are several roles to consider in the army, navy, or air forces, and you could be part of a major operation that helps to crack down on criminality on a large scale.

You may also be called into areas where the public need to be kept safe, and help the situation remain under control. If you’re not afraid of working out, and strenuous physical activity; the military could be the right career path for you, and you could find daily job satisfaction. You can learn more about the different sectors of the military, and figure out if one might be right for you.

Prison Officer

If you’d prefer to hit the ground running, and have a knack for keeping things under control; the life of a prison officer could provide you with plenty of rewards and job satisfaction. Again, physical fitness will be advantageous in this field; however, being able to gauge people’s behavior and responses will help you control the inmates. You’ll need to ensure that you have plenty of respect, and are firm yet fair when it comes to the daily repetition of tasks. For an honest account of a prison officer’s life; take a look here and learn more.

Any area of keeping the peace and ensuring the safety of the public will be challenging; however, the rewards can be great for those who fit the bill. As a strong and capable woman; you’ll have no trouble in dealing with what’s thrown your way, and you can follow in the footsteps of women, wives, and moms, that have had a successful career in this area before you.


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