Sneaky Ways To Help Your Man’s Health

If there is one thing that can kill a marriage, it’s nagging. Nagging to get chores done, nagging to get the children picked up from school and nagging about health are the top three issues that get talked about when it comes to marital stress. When you’re a single Pringle, it’s easy to concentrate on your own health needs rather than concentrating on a partner and their health. Getting into a relationship means you are privy to the habits of another person, and sometimes those habits are hard to stomach.


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Nagging your new partner to change the amount of unhealthy food they eat, or nagging them into exercise is not a good idea. Not only will that put an immeasurable strain on your relationship, it will make them feel like the way they’ve always lived has somehow been wrong. You have to be sneaky about health issues and learn to get the message across without hurting their feelings. We’ve got some ways that you can do that!

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Check Yourself. Let’s evaluate this first – why do you want your partner to change? When you got together with them, you did that based on an attraction to their physique and their mind and the way they make you laugh. Don’t sign them up to the local gym without first ascertaining what you’re doing it for. If it is for their health and their heart health, instead of secretly signing them up to the gym find out what sports they like and offer to do it together. This way, you are bonding and getting fit, and he just thinks it’s a great idea to have fun!

Focus On The Benefits. There’s nothing wrong with encouraging a partner to live a healthy life, especially if there is an end goal. Most people go on a health kick when they are trying to conceive a child, and when you read about semen analysis and all the ways you can improve his fertility, a healthy diet does matter. You can read here about the foods your man can eat to boost his virility and his sperm count so that you can maximise your family planning.

Keep It Positive. There is nothing wrong with getting healthier, and if you want to start instead of just shoving salad down his throat, why not join a cookery class together? If you are both learning together how you can create healthy, nutritious meals, it’s a great way to have fun, learn and enjoy something yummy. This could only improve your relationship while you’re improving your health.

Shop Smart. When you head out for your weekly grocery shop and make your meal plan for the week, you need to think about how you can make healthy lunches and breakfasts. Swap out your usual junk food list for healthier snacks and fruit instead of cookies and chips. With no junk in the house, he cannot snack!

The health of your partner is important, and it’s good for you to be concerned about it. Do it right, and you can both be at your best health!


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